The List: Chunky Light Pink Jasper Jewelry by Nest

jewelry by nestHappy New Year again and welcome as we kickstart this year with our list of jewelry to covet for 2014. My New Year’s resolution to make this year my most luxurious year ever and I hope to accomplish this by loving my family and loving all things stylish+ my African culture deeply thanks to Isioma’s Style Report. Today and in homage to resume making jewelry that are totally affordable, I am totally in love with this earthy necklace, a chunky pink Jasper jewelry by Nest. I love the simplicity of the style, and the use of warm pink chunky jasper lends an elegant distinction.  Although the price is a bit steep ($375 at, it is still  on my list of must haves, if not to purchase, at least to see if I can make my very own replica. Stay tuned…
jewelry by nest 2


Isioma’s Christmas List: Hermes Pure Perfume Lock Spray

visuel-gamme-locks-V2Happy Tuesday and wishing you a very blissful day this really snowy day. I am so in love with this pure perfume lock spray by Hermes in gold and silver. Dubbed as ‘the most coveted accessory of the season’ this easy to carry and travel with perfume, is without a doubt made to be taken out of a bag and admired. The lock spray, which can be refilled over time with your choice of 4 feminine pure perfumes, represents in my humble opinion extreme elegance to fullest. Available at for the $99.

Isioma’s Favorite Handbag Instagrams Volume 1

nm tom ford clutch1. Tom Ford Clutch via Neiman Marcus (Tom Ford knows style and this clutch is truly one of his finest ever made)

Since our Monday posts are dedicated to all things handbags, we have decided to stroll through the world of instagram and Google+ to round up our top 4 favorite handbag posts spotted in our instagram and google+ feed. We hope you like them as much as we do…
2. Fendi striped 2 Jours via fendi-official (personally who can say no to this wonderful striking bag oozing with pure zebra love, definitely not I)

2c36beca5e9411e380a212714b0b730e_73. Givenchy via barneysnyofficial (So in love with this icy blue bag for you for those cold winter days)

4. Mulberry via british_vogue (Although it’s cold outside, why not feast your eyes on something to covet next spring. This mulberry bag is simply gorgeous.)