To be successful with African Fashion, You Will Need These 3 Things

I have always wondered why people no matter how hard they try are just not successful in life, let alone in a specialized career in fashion and style from Africa. No matter who you are or where you come from, success is yours, but you will need to do three things to set yourself apart from the others. I am only focusing on three, although I believe that success is a journey that never stops until you take your last breath. Even at that, and depending on your situation, you can still succeed to live, if you follow these three simple principles. Ever task you take on with African fashion, has the power to jolt you down to your knees, but these three simple principles will allow you to rise back up no matter how many times you fall. Continue reading To be successful with African Fashion, You Will Need These 3 Things

How to encourage straight talk with African Fashion

If there is one industry that I think abhors straight talk is our fashion and style from Africa. No one tells the truth to shame the devil. I used the opening image with this beautiful lady and her piercing eyes to illustrate my point by looking straight at anyone who cares to hear. We need more straight talkers or opinions from people who really care about African fashion. Continue reading How to encourage straight talk with African Fashion

The Aso-ebi custom and why the time for sustainable African fashion is now

Hello and welcome to another glorious week, a week where I seek to discuss the aso-ebi custom and why the time for sustainable African fashion is now. Let me start with the aso-ebi custom. Truth is we are living in an era where overabundance is commonplace. In African countries like Nigeria, (my frame of reference), people have disposable income to spare and they use it for clothes. Weddings are a pure example of the overabundance that I am talking about. Go to any Nigerian wedding over the weekend and you will most definitely observe the culture of overabundance that I am talking about.¬† None of the weddings you attend in Nigeria are alike and many people are not wearing the same things to the weddings they attend. In fact, our aso-ebi custom is so commonplace place that people have ranted and raved and shared their love/hate relationship with this tradition. One wedding may opt for navy blue, another red and you are stuck buying and buying and buying aso-ebi’s that you may never ever wear again. Continue reading The Aso-ebi custom and why the time for sustainable African fashion is now

Why Business of Fashion Does Not Get It

I love¬†Business of Fashion and I know they mean well, but in my opinion business of fashion does not get it at all and their site only seeks to serve a certain crop of people, whom I will refer to as the elite in fashion. Continue reading Why Business of Fashion Does Not Get It

The must have women’s shoe to own: Interchangeable Heels

Finally, shoes are getting a makeover and it’s all thanks to Tanya Heath’s interchangeable heels. According to Huffington Post, the Canadian-born designer, who now lives and works in Paris, has devoted her life to creating practical, comfortable and beautiful shoes for women. Unlike ordinary footwear, all of Heath’s creations come with interchangeable heels. Continue reading The must have women’s shoe to own: Interchangeable Heels

Ysaunny Brito for Bergdoff Goodman’s Spring Collection

Spring is in the air, everywhere you look around. This is my favorite time of the year and after this brutal winter, I can’t wait for colors and the lush flowers everywhere. Bergdoff Goodman also knows that we need a little Spring soon and so they have released the latest ads for the Spring Collection that would be featured both online and in their store. I am in love with the idea of all things white and these pictures of Ysaunny Brito for Bergdoff Goodman are as beautiful as they come. Fall in love with white this Spring 2015. See more pictures below. Continue reading Ysaunny Brito for Bergdoff Goodman’s Spring Collection

Why Every Nigerian Woman Would Approve Oscar de la Renta SS 2015 RTW

With fashion spinning faster and faster into a kind of meaninglessness, there is a yearning for designers who are as compelling as the clothes the make. Enter Oscar de la Renta SS 2015 RTW. The runway alone with it’s floral bloom composed of dusty pink carnations and hydrangeas, was as divine as the clothes he presented. Which is to say the clothes were designed by a designer who still knows how to make a woman, even Nigerian women and especially the ‘it’ model of the hour, Karlie Kloss, look very beautiful. And it was all gorgeous, youthful and lighthearted with nods to nature and lace everywhere.
Oscar 17 oscar 18
The designer also caught the spirit, if not the mentality, of young customers, in search of midriff barring looks that are feminine, polished, and full of lush details and colors. He also made marvelous use of inspiration from the outdoors. In fact, there were flowers everywhere, in bright shades of yellow, red and blue scattered over the most prettiest dresses, or silver tulips on dark furs, or ostrich tendrils on short cocktail dresses.
oscar 15 oscar 13 oscar 11 oscar 10 oscar 12 oscar 14

But my favorites were the deep flounces of eyelet in white or black as short pretty evening dresses (like the one above) or over A-lined skirts or the light lace effect as gorgeous tops over embroidered skirts or sharply tailored long black pants. Then the oversized gingham in pink, and baby blue, and black, made me long for my boarding school days where wearing gingham uniforms was the norm in Nigeria (who knew they would now be so trendy). I especially loved how he made them playful as a mid-riff baring top over a matching shorts or a miniskirt of thick cotton lace.
oscar 16
oscar 9 oscar 8 oscar 7 oscar 6 oscar 5 oscar 4 oscar 3 oscar 2 oscar
As if that was not enough, there were dreamy gowns like the golden ones below, delicately embroidered with flower motifs, some featuring contrast lining in zesty golden colors.” Even Nicole Phleps of exaltation of this collection by the way (read here) is not very different from the reality or point of view of everyday women like my self that have gushed over this impeccable chic collection. Just take a look at the #oscardelarenta on instagram. With comments as simple as “love” to ” amazing” to “Perfect Beauty,”everyone understood, and even approved this flawless new collection because it will bring an honest change to their wardrobes come Spring. Oh to be an Oscar woman, next season couldn’t come fast enough.
oscar 19 oscar 20 oscar 21 oscar 22 oscar 23 oscar 24
Source: These were my favorites, but do see the rest of the collection at