Wish List: Victoria Beckham Quincy Leather Tote

Just the other day I was asked the following questions; what is the purpose of my wish list, do you gain anything from promoting these goods, why even bother to put them up on a list even though you you may not purchase them. While these are valid questions that are worthy of constructive answers, in my world, a wish list is just that ‘a wish list’. Yes, one may not be able to purchase the items right away, afterall they can be very expensive, but can a woman dream. Whatever happened to the days we all spent time simply dreaming of all the things we want out of life, even though it may be just luxurious items as in my case. I am a dreamer, I love to dream about luxurious stylish things, and believe it or not, it helps me save money too. So, my wish list will remain, It may not be for everyone, but I love it and so far are there are new luxurious items in the market, there will always be items worthy of enough to fall under my very own wish list.
Victoria-Beckham-Quincy-Leather-Tote Victoria-Beckham-Quincy-Leather-Tote-2 Victoria-Beckham-Quincy-Leather-Tote-3

So today, I am absolutely in love with this new Quincy leather tote by Victoria Beckham. The pink hue is definitely eye-catching and I must confess, I was drawn to the bag because of it’s color.  According to Victoria, ‘when I design a bag, it’s about creating something truly luxurious,” and it shows with this new ‘Quincy’ tote that is handcrafted in Italy from supple fuchsia leather. The neatly proportioned interior is roomy enough for your day-long essentials, whilst a detachable shoulder strap allows you to go hands-free.