Weiz Dhrum Franklyn is one African Fashion Designer to Know: It’s all in his precise details.

One of the defining characteristics of a designer is precision. Precision in drawing a particular style, precision in cutting and measuring every detail of that style, precision in productivity and accuracy as your roll out the style to everyone, and precision in the final finished product seen and loved by everyone. Whatever you do, in the end people will judge only if they find what you make as something that precisely fits their taste. Enter Weiz Dhrum Franklyn, the Nigerian fashion designer whose style middle name in my opinion is precision. Continue reading Weiz Dhrum Franklyn is one African Fashion Designer to Know: It’s all in his precise details.

For the ‘woman who needs no permission to express herself’; Weiz Dhrum Franklyn at #LFDW 2013

GTBank-Lagos-Fashion-Design-Week-2013-Wiezdhum-Franklyn-BellaNaija-October2013009Weiz Dhrum Franklyn is a name that may not resonate as as quickly as some of those showcasing their new collections at the 2013 Lagos Fashion and Design Week-but it is one that should. The new collection reflects an artisan at work. Sculpted silhouettes adorned with delicate floral appliques, black wreaths embroidered onto textiles that highlight the body’s lines, and let’s not forget his sheer piece oozing with a sexy charm that is crafted for the woman who ‘needs no permission to express herself.”



This is a designer who excels at making a woman feel feminine, sexy, and beautiful. But don’t just take my word for it, have a look at his new collection and decide for yourself.